Give a Little 2 Get A LOT


GIVE2GET is a subscription-based program that focuses on personal development. 

Join the subscription with 5 week intervals billed weekly. ​This low time commitment allows you to see if this program is right for you. Also, if you intend on signing up for an online course or coaching program, the discount alone can be greater than your subscription fee.

What you get with your subscription

  • Weekly speaker session
    • Offering personal and/or professional education
  • Weekly Q & A session
    • We answer our members’ questions 
  • Motivational and supportive emails
    • Gets you focused and moving forward
  • Weekly hypnosis session
    • Remove blockages and thrive for success
  • Weekly meditation session
    • Helping keep grounded and focused
  • And more…. 
    • Affirmations, access to our community and more…

Added Benefits, Added Value

10% Discounts to Boomerang-iT University Online Digital Courses

“With knowledge, comes power.”  We believe with knowledge, comes growth.
We have
 a comprehensive catalogue of professional development courses and certificates for busy professionals. Courses are affordable, engaging, credit-bearing, and offer professionals the skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market.
**Courses are billed separately**

Our Partners

Top-Level, One-on-One Coaching

​You should never stop improving yourself. We have a selection of exceptional coaches that will help you with all areas of your life. With Give2Get we offer one-on-one coaching at the subscribers discounted rates.

Our Coaching covers areas like:

  • High Performance
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Importing
  • Leadership
  • Real Estate
  • Life
  • Spiritual
  • Hypnosis
  • Health
  • MLM
  • and more…

Additionally, we offer exclusive retreats where you can spend time having fun and learning from the best. Pick the brains of the masters!
**Coaching is billed separately**


Even though we market our own program, we also believe in rewarding members for spreading the word. As we see it, we would rather our subscribers profit from new members, rather than a marketing firm. Once you have signed up and are enjoying the program, we offer an affiliate program for you to get compensated from. We invite you to invite others. Why not, right?

Discounted Prices on BOOMERANG-iT Charging Stations

The Boomerang-iT charging stations are state-of-the-art mobile charging stations that offer rental power banks. A mobile charging solution holding true to the needs of today’s busy lifestyle, while dramatically impacting connectivity in all social environments and bringing added revenue to businesses everywhere.

Get Access to Top-Level Real Estate Investment opportunities

You can’t go wrong with real estate; that is, if you know what you are doing. That is why we do all the work for you. We present the opportunities and you choose your approach.

You can be an investor and build and earn returns, or get options to own your own unit(s).
**Global compliance with KYC, AML & GDPR regulation**

Access to High Interest Return Investments

​There are a plethora of diverse investment opportunities; from business venture capitalists to the trading of precious metals. We are often presented with various opportunities, which we invariably pass on to you. You know our motto: “Give, to get.”

**Global compliance with KYC, AML & GDPR regulation**

Become Your Own Boss

​Perhaps, you have dreams of having your own business or perhaps have a business and you want to duplicate it, but you don’t know how or where to start. That is how our community supports our members. We offer business opportunities for franchising, and we will also work with you if you are interested in franchising your existing business(es).

Access to a Massive Network

​If you haven’t already noticed, we are big on giving and getting – hence Give2Get. If you are looking for funds for a project that is greater than what you have received from our program, then just ask and you may receive. Send your proposal to the Give2Get team and if the deal makes sense we will launch it in BOOMNATION.

Idea Central

If you are passionate about coming up with great ideas, but struggle with implementation then this is where Idea Central comes in. If you come to us with an idea and we implement it, we make sure everyone wins.

It’s Party Time

With everything going on in life, one of the best things you can do is HAVE FUN! This is why a few times a year we setup events in different parts of the world. At these events, we offer a little education geared toward personal development, we present investment opportunities, and WE HAVE FUN!

What does it cost and what do we do?

Register and pay $15.50.
$1.50 processing fee and $14 is for your first 7 days. 
The following 4 weeks are billed at $15.50 per week.
You are billed weekly.
There you have it, a $2 a day subscription.

5-Week Plan:
1) Take advantage of all the benefits we provide. The more you do, the better it is for you.
2) Help others and us grow by sharing the subscription.
3) On week 5, you have the option to opt out or continue with us for another 5-week plan.